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evacuation station

Today, I saw something amazing.  Last time I opened with that sentence, it was because I had finally watched crunchy autumn leaves skittering about in the air.  This is kind of like that.  I watched an infant in the buff … Continue reading

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the (not so) lean, mean, sustainability machine

I’m back, I’m big, I’m bad, and I’m green.  On Monday I returned from the most informative and interactive Peace Corps workshop I’ve been to: permagardening.  This specific type of gardening is a subset of the colossal and respectable ideology … Continue reading

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my weak to sleek week

Yesterday I did something amazing…I walked through crunchy, dead leaves. You know the kind – copper brown, piled up, and just asking for a whooping. I’d say it’s officially autumn now! About time too, I’ve been waiting 16 months for … Continue reading

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