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electricity; simplicity

I interrupt your day of tweeting Tweets and taking selfies to share this breaking story: after months of deliberation, community meetings with traditional leaders, and a new power station that ended up like bread set to level 7 on the … Continue reading

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sick & kickin’

I’ve been a bit sick this week so it’s nice to have moments like when a wasp so un-invitingly buzzes behind my head and my neck prickles and my pores pinch together and I’m made aware of the blood swishing … Continue reading

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primary 2.0

My second year at the primary school has officially begun.  Well, school actually began on 15 January so this post is only about a 1/6 of a year late.  As you know, I was present for a bit of the … Continue reading

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(Secrets of the Universally Recognized Volunteers Intently Vying to Astonish Locals with Guile Utilized that Intensifies Desired Effect) A handbook to easily solve issues that arise from living a Volunteer’s life A way to fill up blog space during a … Continue reading

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