Hi!  I’m Laura, an aficionado of chocolate and craft beers, an enforcer of love and laughing, and a dabbler in life and learning.  In 2012, I graduated from Centre College and almost immediately jumped into my new life as a volunteer for Peace Corps South Africa.  I’ll be across the pond until at least late 2014, so follow along these mostly uncensored posts about my time as a Volunteer, my travels around the country, and my general thought process.  Feel free to shoot me any questions, comments, or chicken-plucking techniques.  From SA to wherever you are – stay well & happy reading!

3 Responses to Huh?

  1. Sheila Swanepoel says:

    Hi Laura – loved reading your blog. You write beautifully! Keep it up. From an ex-English Teacher in Zululand in the 70s and 80s. So looking forward to having you and Katie to stay in sweaty ol’ Durban. Love Sheila

  2. Andrew Reed says:

    Laura!!! Sorry it’s been so long since we last talked, but I have a small update for you. I moved to Colorado Springs to work as a cave tour guide. I remember you mentioning an app where we can text, talk, whatever and in gonna read through old messages to find that out and download it so we can catch up more fully. I’ll check back in on your blog more frequently to see if you saw this and was able to respond. Until then, peace! 🙂

  3. Laura Haberer says:

    Hi, my name is Laura (also!) and I will be going to the Peace Corps in South Africa this upcoming July. I came across your blog (fortunately) and I just have to say, reading this (secretly at work, it’s my last few weeks so, who cares right?) has not only calmed some of my fears and apprehension but also made me itching and ready to leave. Excellent and honest blog. Thanks!

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