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makin’ sense

Hellooooo, Internet surfers! Before anything, let me publicly acknowledge how sparse my posts have become.  Ngiyaxolisa – I apologize!  I’ve noticed that some fellow Volunteers’ blogs have also quieted down a bit and I think I know why.  We’ve been living … Continue reading

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beers & buckets with mama

Although I am the kind of person who wouldn’t mind beer by the bucketful, the title of this post references two different experiences that I enjoy sharing with my host mama – one refers to the work we do together … Continue reading

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my bipedal bros

  Donning bandanas and leather fringe jackets, we mount our trusty Harleys, toss back our ZZ Top beards, and fly towards the next diner (thinking about the girl from yesterday but always keeping one town ahead of the fuzz). This … Continue reading

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electricity; simplicity

I interrupt your day of tweeting Tweets and taking selfies to share this breaking story: after months of deliberation, community meetings with traditional leaders, and a new power station that ended up like bread set to level 7 on the … Continue reading

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sick & kickin’

I’ve been a bit sick this week so it’s nice to have moments like when a wasp so un-invitingly buzzes behind my head and my neck prickles and my pores pinch together and I’m made aware of the blood swishing … Continue reading

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