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primary 2.0

My second year at the primary school has officially begun.  Well, school actually began on 15 January so this post is only about a 1/6 of a year late.  As you know, I was present for a bit of the … Continue reading

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the (sure, why not, go on) home stretch

It’s hard to believe I’ve nearly completed my first year of teaching – both in my Peace Corps service and in my life. Looking back to my panicked preparations in early January, I chuckle at my whizzing thoughts of terror: … Continue reading

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my ma’am

. My supervisor, the principal of my primary school, is one of the kookiest in all the land…in all the lands of all the countries of all the eras that there have ever been.  For this, I love her an … Continue reading

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yebo yes

Siqedile, sisebenzile!  We’re finished, we did it!  I’m pumped to tell you all about some recent accomplishments I’ve had in the village.  It was my first glimpse at tangible, hard fact successes over here and it just felt good.  A … Continue reading

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college con’t.

I did that ol’ matriculation thang from Centre College a year ago, almost down to the day.  Who would’ve thought that a life in the Peace Corps could correlate quite closely to a life at college?  This is brought to … Continue reading

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