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“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” Thank you, Grateful Dead, for taking a few mundane words and so aptly weaving them together in a beautiful way … Continue reading

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week won

Well, it’s perfect blogging weather.  I’m enjoying a drizzly Saturday in central KZN and, because the air isn’t blazing hot or dripping with humidity, I’d love to update you all on my first week of official teaching in the Peace Corps.  … Continue reading

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harry potter and the pit latrine of fire

Being a Peace Corps Volunteer brings many charges: create sustainable change, learn from the host country’s culture while respectfully imparting the United States’, and entertaining oneself during downtime. The latter can manifest itself in wonderfully productive ways as well as … Continue reading

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bright eyes

Students. Learners. Children, really. Around the world, they are adorable and surprisingly similar. As my presence at the primary school has gone from shocking to consistent, I’ve been able to glean a bit about the culture of learners here in South Africa. The … Continue reading

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kooky cakes

Hanging out with some flies, candles, and my new French press(!) this evening; thought I’d shout a holler to the Internet machine. Today’s post will be just a few observations and anecdotes; no real structure (imagine that)… I am well! … Continue reading

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