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the unmentionables worth mentioning

I’ve officially been in my village one year.  I arrived sometime in the single digits of September 2012 and simply cannot internalize that, for one full jaunt around the Sun, I’ve been lighting candles, toting water, cooking from a gas … Continue reading

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minivan status

. It’s funny how quickly something new and awkward can become a routine. From odd and clunky, it morphs into a well-oiled practice. Classic memories of this growing up include learning to use a fork, throw a baseball, wipe your … Continue reading

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It’s crazy how much we use it – especially because we usually don’t register that we are.  When we can’t see, we mindlessly touch a toggle on the wall that tricks a room into being daytime.  When we want to … Continue reading

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yebo yes

Siqedile, sisebenzile!  We’re finished, we did it!  I’m pumped to tell you all about some recent accomplishments I’ve had in the village.  It was my first glimpse at tangible, hard fact successes over here and it just felt good.  A … Continue reading

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the spoors of KZN

Guess what?  Humans are animals.   Check it out! While this is a blatantly obvious fact, I think it’s one that we often forget.  At least, when I was in the States, driving to amusement parks or eating Honey Baked … Continue reading

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